Puff pastry

Traiteur de Paris has always been driven by the goal of honouring excellence in culinary art and offering chefs and the food service Industry the very best of French Patisserie. That’s why we are proud to present our Know-How in the puff pastry universe. We have created a full range of rectangular and round puff pastry sheets.

Choose Traiteur de Paris, the preferred supplier of bakery professionals! Over the years, we have honed our artisanal craft on professional puff pastry and croissant pastry. Discover our selection of frozen puff pastry sheets by downloading our catalogue!

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The art of puff pastry

Our range includes high quality ready-to-use puff pastry sheets and rounds pastry, so you can easily create dishes that live up to your reputation. Our rounds puff pastry are perfect for both sweet and savoury desserts, whether individual servings or for sharing. Our rounds puff pastry are all-butter, ready-to-use and have been folded 6 times, in line with traditional methods.

Our frozen puff pastry sheet is suitable for a whole range of recipes. What’s more, they are made with just a few quality ingredients, making it irresistibly flaky. Traiteur de Paris uses an authentic all-butter puff pastry recipe, and also offers an alternative vegan puff pastry. Look also at our croissant pastry, available as a sheet. Bakers, Patisserie chefs and hotel and restaurant professionals can all save time while creating premium desserts with our puff pastry range!

Traiteur de Paris has been working with chefs and catering professionals for 25 years

Our chefs in our kitchens in Brittany and Normandy make premium pastries and frozen products. We are renowned in the catering sector for our excellent and innovative recipes.

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