Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine

The Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine is a cake with many uses and is suitable for all types of sweet snack breaks: coffee with dessert, breakfast or a simple teatime snack. In addition, the freshness of the lemon will awaken your customers’ taste buds.

A well thought-out frozen Food Service product, created just for you.

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Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine

The pure butter Madeline is an icon of French patisserie. Here it is revisited with this recipe containing a hint of citrus. In fact, the lemon zest provides a breath of fresh air to this well-known dessert. What’s more, its 3 methods of preparation make it as practical as can be.

  • A citrus version of one of the French people’s favourite cakes, full of freshness.
  • A simple, butter-rich recipe with a short list of ingredients.
Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine

(serving suggestion)

The Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine, An Alliance Of Citrus Fruit With Tradition

The Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine has a short list of high quality ingredients. Its slightly lemony taste also provides renewal for this cake of yesteryear. It is, in fact, produced in our workshops in Normandy, a region known for its excellence in French biscuit making.

Technical and logistical information

Product code: 004305
Best before date: 730 days
Sell-by date: 180 days
Use-by date after defrosting: 5 days between 0 and 4°C
Packaging: 40 items of 45 g
Product dimensions: 9 cm in diameter
Box dimensions: 405 x 304 x 98 mm
Palletisation: 120 or 150 cases

Made in France

Preparation advice

The Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine, a cake with many uses, is ideal for the take-away market or in coffee shops for a Bakery offer.

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Large Pure Butter Lemon Madeleine

(serving suggestion)

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